Thank you for your interest in the Seminole County Red Bag Program. Over 50% of our student population is on free and reduced lunch. There are 58 food pantries in the Seminole County Public Schools with some schools having as many as 94% of their student body on free and reduced lunch. Breakfast and lunch is provided at school 5 days a week for the students but when they go home on Friday, many have little or nothing to eat at home. Thus, the Red Bag Project was started. It’s difficult for a child to concentrate on reading or math when he/she is hungry.

With your help, we are able to send home a backpack with food for the weekend with hungry children!

While you are filling a bag, feeding a child and eliminating childhood hunger, there are several suggestions we have for you:

Churches of any and all denominations, synagogues, businesses, organizations can all be a Red Bag Partner with a school. Your commitment is simply to deliver to the school once or twice a month the food you are able to collect. Often multiple organizations/groups adopt a school together so smaller groups can also participate without feeling overwhelmed. Any and all donations are appreciated!!!

Interested? Contact dschaffner@cfl.rr.com and I'll match you up with a school and provide you with red bags.

Thank you for your generosity and concern for the many hungry children in Seminole County.